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Mirrors and Fittings

Here you will find cheap mirrors of good quality. The mirrors are cut to your own dimensions and are available in different thicknesses, shapes, colours and with sharp or polished edges. Mirrors with sharp edges are typically used for frames, while mirrors with polished edges can hang freely without a frame.  

Mirrors are often used in bathrooms, hallways and gyms. In addition, mirrors are a very good element of interior design, for example in restaurants and bars.

Which mirror should you choose?

Mirrors can be used for classic installations in bathrooms, toilets and hallways. But they can also be used as decorative elements to create illusions and distortions. For example:

  • A 4 mm mirror with polished edges is used for the classic mirror above the sink in the bathroom.
  • A 6 mm mirror with polished edges is used for a larger mirror mounted with free edges in a hallway.
  • An extra clear mirror with polished edges is used for a particularly nice mirror mounted with free edges.
  • A bronze mirror is used for decorative decoration behind a bar counter or in a restaurant.
  • A safety mirror is installed in institutions and schools where there is a high risk of breakage.
  • A mirror with sharp edges is mounted in a frame in a walk in closet.
  • A 6 mm mirror with polished edges is used for mirror walls in a dance hall.

And these are just some of the functions for which our mirrors are suitable.

Interglas' suppliers

AGC YourGlass

Mirox MNGE - Mirox New Generation Ecological mirrors

AGC produces all our mirrors. It is a top product on the market and AGC is the leading manufacturer in what they call ecological mirrors. Mirox MNGE has a wide range of benefits.

The mirrors are 100% copper-free and have a very low lead content of 0.3%. They emit almost no Volatile Organic Compounds, which includes very low formaldehyde emissions.

As the mirror is copper-free and at the same time has a very low lead content, oxidation of the mirror is prevented, which can be seen by the appearance of brown and grey spots.

Mirox MNGE has also won a number of awards for its ecological design, it includes:

The "British Industry Award" for environmental initiative: an award presented by Glassex (the UK specialist glass fair).

The "Prix de l'Environnement" Awarded by FEB (the Federation of Belgian Companies).

The special commendation made in the "Eco-design" category at the European Better Environment Awards for Industry

(sponsored by the European Commission).

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