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Shower walls

Our shower enclosures are delivered as complete packages including your choice of glass, U-profiles, end caps, sanitary silicone and glass blocks. In addition, you have the option to select a range of products according to your wishes. In short, you can design your shower enclosure to suit your exact needs.

We customise the glass to your measurements. Choose from tempered clear glass, tempered satin glass, tempered low-iron glass or tempered luxclear glass, which is specially designed for bathroom installations.

Choose from different versions of our u-profiles. In addition, you can, for example, add stabilising bar to complete your overall package.


Our shower walls create simple and functional solutions both indoors and outdoors. They allow you to create systems that create transparency and light combined with various privacy features.

As all shower enclosures are packaged solutions, we give you the opportunity to assemble a product that exactly fits your ideas and needs. We also cut the glass to fit your dimensions.

Products and suppliers


All glass for shower doors and walls is tempered with polished edges. It is available in 8 and 10 mm thickness. The thicker the glass you choose, the stronger your shower enclosure will be. When tempered, the glass is about 10 times stronger than ordinary glass.

You can also choose between different types of glass:

The glass comes as standard in clear tempered glass with polished edges. In addition, it is possible to choose:

Tempered Satin glass with polished edges  
Satin glass is for example also called frosted or sandblasted glass, and stands out with its white frosted look. The glass has a greenish tinge, just like ordinary clear glass. When using satin glass, it is also important to fit the smooth side of the glass towards the shower enclosure for easy cleaning.

Tempered Low-iron glass with polished edges
Low-iron glass is an extra clear piece of glass with about 90% less greenish tint than regular glass. It therefore appears extra transparent.

Tempered Low-iron Satin glass with polished edges
A low-iron satin glass is almost white in appearance.   When using satin glass, it is important to mount the smooth side of the glass towards the cabin for easy cleaning.

U Profiles

U profiles are typically used to mount shower enclosures. We have U profiles for 8 and 10 mm glass. They are available both for glass installation, where the glass is to be sealed into the profile with silicone, and for glass installation, where the glass is placed in a profile with a vinyl seal to match the thickness.

Useful accessories

Stabilising rod: Used to make shower walls extra stable. They can also be used to hold a shower curtain.

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