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Thermal windows with sound insulation

Sound-absorbing double glazing is used in more and more places. Low-energy sound-insulating glazing significantly reduces noise levels. Soundproof windows can do significantly more for significantly less cost. They are most popular in urban areas plagued by traffic, highway and police sirens.
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Thermal glazing with sound insulation provides sound insulation, especially if it replaces a poorly insulating single pane. In general, the greater the distance between the panes, the better the sound insulation. This can be improved when one pane of glass in the window is thicker than the other, such as 6 mm glass on one side and 4 mm on the other. This acts as a better sound barrier because the different thicknesses of glass change the sound wave travelling through the unit.

Another option, for example, is to use 6.38 mm laminated glass on the outside of your windows to provide extra sound insulation. This is also safer as laminated glass does not collapse on breakage. Laminated glass is safety glass that can consist of, for example, a 0.38 mm film and 2 pieces of 3 mm glass. This type of glass is similar to that used in car windscreens. There are also a number of other options, the most popular being laminated glass with a sound film, which is typically placed on the outside of the thermopane.

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